Floral Garage Singapore – Same-day Flower Delivery

floral-garage-sg-2So happy that I received this bouquet of beautiful pink rose + lavender + snow pea from Floral Garage! Floral Garage is an online florist in Singapore which offers affordable bouquets that you can order for same-day delivery.


The beautiful bouquet I received is Remy which consists of 12 stalks of sweet pastel pink rose, lavender and snow green! I fell in love with the classic French touch that looks like winter in a bouquet. I’ve never seen snow green before and it indeed looks like greenery filled with snow. Together with the pastel pink rose and lavender, Remy is perfect for your sweetheart.


I must also say that this bouquet smelled so sweeeeeeet and I can’t stop sniffing it. The sweet floral smell filled up my living room for a few days. Love it!!floral-garage-sg-kiyora2

What better chance to take a quick photoshoot with my kiddos! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Just a side note that Rose and Lavender are not poisonous to cats, but other flowers like my favourite Lily, Tulip and Chrysanthemum are deadly!!! Lavender as essential oils are toxic for cats as it is more concentrated and cats’ livers lack the ability to properly metabolize the various compounds in essential oils. It is important for me to know what flowers affect my kiddos because I am a responsible pawrent. ^^ Enjoy the cute photoshoot!!!


Will you be my Meowlantine??


I have beautiful flowers


Floral Garage delivery service is offered everyday with 3 time slots 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 5pm, 5pm to 10pm for weekdays and Saturday, and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.  If you are looking for local last-min flower delivery service, book online at their website for same-day delivery. I like it that there are 3 slots to choose from and each timing is shortened as well. I hate it when delivery is like 9am to 6pm, like seriously? Who has the time to wait this long at home?

Other than best sellers like the Freestyle bouquet, the Premium Freestyle and the Vegetable bouquet, you can also order flower hampers, gift baskets, congratulatory and condolences stands from Floral Garage.

Floral Garage Singapore
Telephone: 6282 2813
WhatsApp Only: 9387 8871
‘Like’  on Facebook! www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG
Follow on Instagram 🙂 www.instagram.com/FloralGarageSG




Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour


Revlon-Ultra-HD-Gel-Lipstick 2

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour:

  1. HD Adobe
  2. HD Arabica
  3. HD Blossom
  4. HD Coral
  5. HD Dawn
  6. HD Desert
  7. HD Garden
  8. HD Lava
  9. HD Pink Cloud
  10. HD Rhubarb
  11. HD Sand
  12. HD Sunset
  13. HD Tropical
  14. HD Twilight
  15. HD Vineyard

I will start with the browns, HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica!

HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica

HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica

HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica

HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica

HD Sand, HD Dawn, HD Desert, and HD Arabica

HD Sand is too light for my skin tone so it will be better for those with fair skintone! I wear the nudes and brown quite frequently for work when I want to keep my look simple and natural. My favourite pick from the 4 colours is HD Desert cos it is the closest colour to my natural lip colour and I love how it keeps my pout natural and moisturised.

HD Desert

HD Desert



HD Pink Cloud, HD Sunset, HD Tropical and HD Garden

HD Pink Cloud, HD Sunset, HD Tropical and HD Garden

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick pink

HD Pink Cloud, HD Sunset, HD Tropical and HD Garden

HD Pink Cloud is again tooo light for my skin and looks really weird on me. lol! HD Sunset is kind of on par with HD Vineyard as my favourite colour as it is a unique colour that I’ve never tried before. The peachy pink is something that I can wear everyday too! HD Tropical and HD Garden are definitely 2 colours that I will wear when I feel like dressing up to make myself feel prettier! 😛


Coral and Reds!!!


HD Coral, HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe

HD Coral, HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe

HD Coral, HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe

HD Coral, HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick Reds 2

HD Coral, HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe

Coral is also waaaaay too light my skin colour and original lip colour. LOL!  I’ve passed them to my sister cause she is very fair~ Don’t worry, I don’t stock my cosmetics to throw away! 😛  HD Rhubard, HD Lava and HD Adobe are the colours I will not wear to work cause they are the most vibrant and loud colours! It is the best colours if you want people to notice your lips when you stepped out of the door for a grand entrance. *im shy* Haha, but definitely the colours I will wear for wedding dinners and events.




HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight

HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight

HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight

HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight


HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight

Purples! HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, and HD Twilight


HD Vineyard

My favourite colour out of the 15 HD colours is HD Vineyard! It is such a sweet and girly pink that is perfect for a daily look with a soft and natural makeup! The 2  purples HD Blossom and HD Twilight are pleasant surprise as they turned out really natural and beautiful!!! I tried a purple once and I looked more like I was poison~~ so I totally avoid purple on my face except for the canmake purple blush that I am crazy over for many months!

Thank you Revlon Singapore once again!! I really don’t need to buy lipsticks for at least 3 years. LOL!

Selected shades of Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour are available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, FairPrice Finest & Xtra and major departmental stores.

Revlon Singapore: https://www.instagram.com/revlonsg/

Facebook Singapore: https://m.facebook.com/RevlonSingaporeOfficial/


Mediplus-Gel – One Step Skincare

How many skincare steps or products do you have? 5? 4? 3?

I used to overload my skin with many bottles of facial lotions, emulsions, serums and creams thinking that the more products I slap on my face the better it will be! The result? My skin became sensitive and clogged due to using too many products and WRONG products! I had to go for monthly facial treatment to treat my sensitivity and clogged skin. 😦

After treating my sensitivity, I have been looking for a product that is light, moisturizing, and does not overload my skin that will cause outbreak!


What if I tell you I found a miracle product that changed my skincare routine that consist of just 1 step using just 1 product?! ^^ Can you calculate how much time I save every day? What is the secret product that I have been using?


I am using Mediplus-gel which is an all-in-one skincare solution that replaces my toning lotion, emulsion, serum and cream!



  • Sales record of more than 6 million bottles in Japan!
  • Monthly maintenance at low as S$29 only
  • Hassle-free skincare routine
  • 4-in-1 product for all your skincare needs
  • Selling in Taiwan with a high satisfaction rate.
  • Developed jointly with pharmaceutical company
  • Adopted in more than 200 cosmetic surgeries & cosmetic dermatology in Japan
  • Won the Monde Selection Gold Prize for 3 consecutive years
  • Formulated with Izumo Tamatsukuri spa water which is famous for beautiful skin
  • Radiation tested, passed SGS test
  • Free from preservatives, alcohols, fragrances, mineral oils etc. Unnecessary substances on the skin are completely absent so it is suitable for sensitive skin!
  • 62 beauty ingredients with representative ingredients as follows:
    • High concentration ceramide – Super moisturising power!
    • Collagen – Keeps skin young and provides elasticity in the skin
    • Placent-derived placenta – Quick and effective whitening effect
    • Hyaluronic acid – Amazing water retention
    • Vitamin C – Removes dullness, lightens your skin and bring it closer to beautiful bright skin
    • Allantoin – Effective for improving rough skin and acne marks


How to use?
Apply Mediplus-gel directly onto the skin after cleansing the face. 😀 There is no need for any other skin care product since this is enough to attain beautiful hydrated radiant skin!

In the morning, when applying your makeup after the gel, it becomes easier for the makeup to melt. It is recommended that you should apply makeup quickly after applying the gel and use a sponge to blend your foundation onto your face.

Do not rub too hard during application as small beads with appear if you do.


It does feels slightly sticky after applying on the skin because it contains numerous moisturising ingredients. This stickiness keeps your skin moisturised, but the stickiness feeling is gone after a few minutes.



Using just Mediplus-gel helps to reduce excessive tugging of the skin due to repeated applications of the use of 4 different products. Are you also unaware of the importance of soft, gentle motions when cleansing the skin?


My skin definitely feels moisturised immediately after use and it also makes my skin look brighter and increases translucency. Not other does Mediplus has whitening effect, it also improves blemishes, wrinkles, elasticity sagging skin with anti-aging effect!  ^^



English: https://goo.gl/Nw5L7x
Chinese: https://goo.gl/siJOCg

English: https://goo.gl/UQ0oNv
Chinese: https://goo.gl/JtAUHq

  • For first-time purchase, customers are guaranteed a 30 days full refund.
  • We are implementing a value-for-money subscription service (It costs about S $29 per month so the $10 delivery fee is waived, and it is also friendly to your wallet!)
  • MEDIPLUS-GEL is not sold at retail stores, but through our online shop. This is in order to provide products with better quality and price.
  • You can sign up for a subscription service online, which allows you to purchase Mediplus-Gel easily. 1 bottle will be automatically delivered once every two months without needing to pay $10 delivery fee. It is possible at any time to cancel without having to pay a cancellation fee. The delivery dates of your second and subsequent orders can be delayed too.


Que Origin Jelli-Q Duo Effect Scrub

Chase your Monday Blues away and perk up in the morning with this Seasonal Special Shower Bath from Que Origin! Delicious Coffee scent! ❤

I’ve shared about Que Origin previously about their aromatheraphatic shower gels available in Rose Geranium(my favourite! <3), Lavender and Lemon Grass! Two seasonal editions I received are the Chocolate and Mandarin Orange for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year respectively!

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.17.03Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.17.39

I’ve also ran a Giveaway thanks to Que Origin via my Instagram where by winners chose their own scent with my blog’s customized logo! SO COOL!  ❤

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.47.14

This time round, I received a new scent and new product! Coffee scent shower bath and Jelli-Q!


Are you a coffee lover? I sure am one! While drinking coffee can boost your adrenaline and keep you awake, what are the benefits for skin? The high caffeine and the caffeine acids inside coffee helps in minimising cellulite, exfoliating and brightening of our skin!


In each of Que Origin shower gel, holds a reservoir filled with carefully picked naturally derived ingredients. A blend of Aloe Vera, Argan oil and potent botanical extracts gently soothe and calm your skin. An Infusion of natural essential oils from Australia is awaiting to delight your sensory pleasure.

To enhance the purity of their formulation, numerous harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate,Synthetic fragrance, Sodium Hydroglycinate, Phenoxethenol and Sulphates were excluded too.

The texture for the coffee scent is really like just like the other scents. The chocolate one is thicker (not sticky) and felt like I was showering in melted chocolate…. lol!!


The coffee is just right and not too overly strong! The scent perked up my senses and mind at the start of a day which is something I am grateful for! I also love how Que Origin shower bath leaves me physically with soft, smooth and moisturized  skin while relaxing my sense and also mentally! ❤ Makes me hungry though thanks to the coffee scent. 😛

Next up, let me share with you the new and innovative product from Que Origin – Jelli-Q Duo tone and effect scrub!


Have you ever come across the following while using a body polish?

  • Exfoliators are too coarse for me.
  • Exfoliators are too fine for me.
  • The need to have multiple polish. One for rougher surface such as feet and kneel caps etc the other for the rest of the body.
  • Love to have nourishing oils, but not too oily.
  • Prefer to polish and cleanse gently at the same time.
  • Do not support the use of artificial micro beads.
  • Inconsistency of every scoop using natural body polish, sometimes too much oil or exfoliators, sometimes too little. Those that provide consistency are mostly commercial products with harsh chemicals.

First Opening: Remove the top layer of jelly by using fingers to pull and spatula to flip it up.This jelly is to preserve while shipping.


Introducing Que Origin Jelly-Q:

1. Nourish and Moisturise

  • With Argan and Grapeseed oils
  • Condition your skin with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

2. Polish your skin with your desire texture of exfoliators

  • Darker tone – Coarse exfoliators
  • Lighter tone – Superfine exfoliators
  • Mix them or use them individually for different areas. Have full control.

3. All natural exfoliators

  • Coffee grounds
  • Superfine Rice grains

4. Cleanse with gentle ingredients

  • As with Que Origin Shower . Bath, this polish utilizes all the natural gentle ingredients without harsh chemical for your cleansing needs. (A side note, it may not foam as much due to the high oil content, but low foaming does not affect the cleansing abilities.)

5. Consistency in every use

  • In every scoop, expect the same texture, cleansing properties and oils from start to finishing of the product. Gone were the days that only commercial products where harsh chemical and artificial micro beads can provide such consistency.

Coffee Jelly-Q polish contains the same essence of coffee, in the coffee exfoliators as well as in the jelly itself. This is only possible by using 18 hours in every production to extract the essence of coffee before formulating. Thus, you’ll get the same minerals and benefits of coffee in dark and light tones.

Also infused with Que Origin Rose Geranium essential oils, the Jelli-Q provides a soothing and calming effects as well as making this coffee polish a sweet coffee scent.



  • Darker tone – Coarse exfoliators (Best for areas where skin is roughest like elbow, heels, and kneel)
  • Lighter tone – Superfine exfoliators (other parts of body)
  • Mix them or use them individually for different areas. Have full control.

My hands are not considered rough (of course! lol) and I don’t want to waste the Jelli-Q so I just mixed both the dark and light exfoliators to give my hands a gentle scrub!


After I scrubbed, Jelli-Q is then evenly distributed on my hands and the essential oils had been absorbed by my skin leaving my skin feeling moisturised and smooth!

On the photo below, you can see quite a big difference on the skin tone of my two hands! The left hand after I exfoliated with Jelli-Q has definitely appeared fairer and brighter! I was actually quite shocked when I looked at the photo! So amazing! I swear that I didn’t Photoshop or edit the photo! I took the photo using my camera attached to a tripod just under my bedroom’s light to ensure the lighting is balanced! Therefore, I am really pleased with the effect! Definitely gonna scrub my body more diligently from now! ^^


Left after using Jelli-Q, Right without using Jelli-Q.

Lastly, I also tried Jelli-Q on my black and dirty elbow to see if it is really effectively after trying on my hands!

I still used both the colours since my elbow is kind of dry so I don’t know if I just use the coarse(dark) exfoliator will make it even dryer or not. 😛


Wow, I am very disturbed by the photo of my elbow…… LOL!




To be fair, the lighting on the before and after looks quite different and I tried my best to make the colour similar but still not the same. LOL! Sorry! However, you can see the left photo (before using Jelli-Q) the colour difference is just SO SO SO SUPER OBVIOUS. OMG, what did I do to get such black elbow. *FAINT*

Anyway, on the right after using Jelli-Q, the colour difference is just not so obvious anymore!!! Therefore, I am already confirmed that my dead skin had been eliminated by Jelli-Q!! XD I did apply moisturizer after scrubbing to ensure that my skin is properly nourished again!



If you are interested to try this amazing product, Head over to Que Origin official website to get their products now! Enter “xkiyora” for $5 off your first purchase over at www.que-orign.com now! ❤


Follow Que Origin  Facebook and Instagram for more information!

THE BODY SHOP – Summer of Love Party


I attended The Body Shop Summer of Love Party held at Moca Cafe, Dempsy Hill,  in April with Chantana!


LOL, I know how funny it looked that we were holding so many items!!! All those were earned by playing some games at each booth that features each new series! SO FUN! 😛 We received like straw hats, beach towel, fan, sunglasses and also a personalized bag to keep all the stuff! ^^

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