TheFaceShop Blanclouding White Moisture Cream

THROWBACK TO 2015 THEFACESHOP RELEASE: Blanclouding White Moisture Cream


Like water droplets gathered to create a white cloud, Blanclouding White Moisture Cream replenish skin with moisture while clouding effect makes skin fairer the more you apply!

How does the Clouding Effect work?
Just as clouds are formed with dense watery vapour, our products are designed to enrich the skin with moisturising agents for a brighter, healthier complexion.

  • White moisturising serum for an enhanced Clouding Effect. The dense moisturising particles melt into the skin for maximum Clouding Effect, helping achieve bright and moist skin.
  • Gelatinous moisturising serum. Made through Cloud Processing, the white gelatinous texture promotes absorption, helping you achieve a bright complexion.
  • Contains Swiss Cloud Flower known for its tenacious nature and Spanish moss with excellent moisture-retaining properties.

Check out this video featuring the super gorgeous SUZY~ ❤


The texture is like the mixture of gel and pudding cream! I love pudding cream texture as it pumps up by itself in the bottle~ perhaps this is how it makes my skin more plumped up with moisture!


Top left picture: Before applying
Right picture: After applyingbeforeafter

You can see that my skin is definitely fairer, smoother and more plumped up looking immediately!! The texture of the Blanclouding White Moisture Cream is light and penetrates easily into my skin without feeling sticky and oily. My skin  feels moisturized as if it drank lots of water! ^^

THEFACESHOP Blanclouding White Moisture Cream retails for S$35 at all THEFACESHOP Singapore stores and counters.

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