THE BODY SHOP – Summer of Love Party


I attended The Body Shop Summer of Love Party held at Moca Cafe, Dempsy Hill,  in April with Chantana!


LOL, I know how funny it looked that we were holding so many items!!! All those were earned by playing some games at each booth that features each new series! SO FUN! 😛 We received like straw hats, beach towel, fan, sunglasses and also a personalized bag to keep all the stuff! ^^


Hey Pineapple and Coconut, why don’t you let me sit on the beach chair so I can relax myself? 😛


Nevermind, I should finish drink the coconut so I can sit on the beach chair!! LOL!! This was the sunglasses we won!! SO COOL! I wore it to Melaka just last weekend! 20160420_172715

Below are the products that we were introduced to!!! Hold on to your chair as all of them look so incredible and SUMMER LOVE INDEED! I love summer related items since there is only SUMMER in Singapore and I am actually not so into “whitening” but I do put on sunblock since 90% of pre-mature aging of skin is caused by the scary scary UV rays from the sun!!!




Vitamin E will be out 19 May 2016 (will share with you in next post)



Pinita Colada will be out 9 June 2016 (OMG, loving the pineapple + coconut scent! Will share when it is coming out!)




Polynesian Island Tiare will be out in 9 June 2016 (will share when it is going to release)


For this entry, I want to share with you The Body Shop NEW lightest texture Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ (S$34.90) which is now my daily essential to help shield my skin from premature ageing! My goddess Fann Wong is using it!!! Can I look 1% more alike like her after using this???? ❤ ❤ ❤



Protect skin from short and long UVA rays, where the latter reaches even deeper within the skin, resulting in a loss of collagen and elastin, and accelerates the process of skin ageing.

Helps protect skin from UVB rays that trigger redness and burn damage to the skin surface.
Helps protect skin from external aggressors such as environmental pollution that weaken the skin’s ability to remain healthy.
With red algae extract and vitamin C to brighten skin for a more luminous complexion.


Made for Asia Women, the 100% Vegetarian Formula is formulated without parabens, mineral oils and paraffins!

Infused with a blend of red algae extract, vitamin C and Community Trade marula oil, not only does it help protect your skin, it also gives you a brighter, healthier-looking and more even complexion day after day!



When I squeezed out Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence, I am already shocked at the lightweight and milky texture! No wonder The Body Shop said that it is feather light! The Essence is super fast-absorbing which feels like I didn’t apply anything onto my skin which is something really important for me! I love the refreshing and naked light skin feeling! The essence also transformed from milk-to-water, and this formula is totally non-comedogenic.


The essence simply disappeared and I feel like my skin has a transparent moisture shield to product me from the sun and the environment!! 😛 This kind of light texture of sunblock is really something I like since I won’t feel sticky and oily after a day out! When I go out to the gym, I will simply apply this and out I go in seconds! I highly recommend this to you if you hate the usual sticky and thick sunblock! Try this and you will not regret!!

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