Que Origin Jelli-Q Duo Effect Scrub

Chase your Monday Blues away and perk up in the morning with this Seasonal Special Shower Bath from Que Origin! Delicious Coffee scent! ❤

I’ve shared about Que Origin previously about their aromatheraphatic shower gels available in Rose Geranium(my favourite! <3), Lavender and Lemon Grass! Two seasonal editions I received are the Chocolate and Mandarin Orange for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year respectively!

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.17.03Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.17.39

I’ve also ran a Giveaway thanks to Que Origin via my Instagram where by winners chose their own scent with my blog’s customized logo! SO COOL!  ❤

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at PM 06.47.14

This time round, I received a new scent and new product! Coffee scent shower bath and Jelli-Q!


Are you a coffee lover? I sure am one! While drinking coffee can boost your adrenaline and keep you awake, what are the benefits for skin? The high caffeine and the caffeine acids inside coffee helps in minimising cellulite, exfoliating and brightening of our skin!


In each of Que Origin shower gel, holds a reservoir filled with carefully picked naturally derived ingredients. A blend of Aloe Vera, Argan oil and potent botanical extracts gently soothe and calm your skin. An Infusion of natural essential oils from Australia is awaiting to delight your sensory pleasure.

To enhance the purity of their formulation, numerous harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate,Synthetic fragrance, Sodium Hydroglycinate, Phenoxethenol and Sulphates were excluded too.

The texture for the coffee scent is really like just like the other scents. The chocolate one is thicker (not sticky) and felt like I was showering in melted chocolate…. lol!!


The coffee is just right and not too overly strong! The scent perked up my senses and mind at the start of a day which is something I am grateful for! I also love how Que Origin shower bath leaves me physically with soft, smooth and moisturized  skin while relaxing my sense and also mentally! ❤ Makes me hungry though thanks to the coffee scent. 😛

Next up, let me share with you the new and innovative product from Que Origin – Jelli-Q Duo tone and effect scrub!


Have you ever come across the following while using a body polish?

  • Exfoliators are too coarse for me.
  • Exfoliators are too fine for me.
  • The need to have multiple polish. One for rougher surface such as feet and kneel caps etc the other for the rest of the body.
  • Love to have nourishing oils, but not too oily.
  • Prefer to polish and cleanse gently at the same time.
  • Do not support the use of artificial micro beads.
  • Inconsistency of every scoop using natural body polish, sometimes too much oil or exfoliators, sometimes too little. Those that provide consistency are mostly commercial products with harsh chemicals.

First Opening: Remove the top layer of jelly by using fingers to pull and spatula to flip it up.This jelly is to preserve while shipping.


Introducing Que Origin Jelly-Q:

1. Nourish and Moisturise

  • With Argan and Grapeseed oils
  • Condition your skin with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

2. Polish your skin with your desire texture of exfoliators

  • Darker tone – Coarse exfoliators
  • Lighter tone – Superfine exfoliators
  • Mix them or use them individually for different areas. Have full control.

3. All natural exfoliators

  • Coffee grounds
  • Superfine Rice grains

4. Cleanse with gentle ingredients

  • As with Que Origin Shower . Bath, this polish utilizes all the natural gentle ingredients without harsh chemical for your cleansing needs. (A side note, it may not foam as much due to the high oil content, but low foaming does not affect the cleansing abilities.)

5. Consistency in every use

  • In every scoop, expect the same texture, cleansing properties and oils from start to finishing of the product. Gone were the days that only commercial products where harsh chemical and artificial micro beads can provide such consistency.

Coffee Jelly-Q polish contains the same essence of coffee, in the coffee exfoliators as well as in the jelly itself. This is only possible by using 18 hours in every production to extract the essence of coffee before formulating. Thus, you’ll get the same minerals and benefits of coffee in dark and light tones.

Also infused with Que Origin Rose Geranium essential oils, the Jelli-Q provides a soothing and calming effects as well as making this coffee polish a sweet coffee scent.



  • Darker tone – Coarse exfoliators (Best for areas where skin is roughest like elbow, heels, and kneel)
  • Lighter tone – Superfine exfoliators (other parts of body)
  • Mix them or use them individually for different areas. Have full control.

My hands are not considered rough (of course! lol) and I don’t want to waste the Jelli-Q so I just mixed both the dark and light exfoliators to give my hands a gentle scrub!


After I scrubbed, Jelli-Q is then evenly distributed on my hands and the essential oils had been absorbed by my skin leaving my skin feeling moisturised and smooth!

On the photo below, you can see quite a big difference on the skin tone of my two hands! The left hand after I exfoliated with Jelli-Q has definitely appeared fairer and brighter! I was actually quite shocked when I looked at the photo! So amazing! I swear that I didn’t Photoshop or edit the photo! I took the photo using my camera attached to a tripod just under my bedroom’s light to ensure the lighting is balanced! Therefore, I am really pleased with the effect! Definitely gonna scrub my body more diligently from now! ^^


Left after using Jelli-Q, Right without using Jelli-Q.

Lastly, I also tried Jelli-Q on my black and dirty elbow to see if it is really effectively after trying on my hands!

I still used both the colours since my elbow is kind of dry so I don’t know if I just use the coarse(dark) exfoliator will make it even dryer or not. 😛


Wow, I am very disturbed by the photo of my elbow…… LOL!




To be fair, the lighting on the before and after looks quite different and I tried my best to make the colour similar but still not the same. LOL! Sorry! However, you can see the left photo (before using Jelli-Q) the colour difference is just SO SO SO SUPER OBVIOUS. OMG, what did I do to get such black elbow. *FAINT*

Anyway, on the right after using Jelli-Q, the colour difference is just not so obvious anymore!!! Therefore, I am already confirmed that my dead skin had been eliminated by Jelli-Q!! XD I did apply moisturizer after scrubbing to ensure that my skin is properly nourished again!



If you are interested to try this amazing product, Head over to Que Origin official website to get their products now! Enter “xkiyora” for $5 off your first purchase over at www.que-orign.com now! ❤


Follow Que Origin  Facebook and Instagram for more information!


THE BODY SHOP – Summer of Love Party


I attended The Body Shop Summer of Love Party held at Moca Cafe, Dempsy Hill,  in April with Chantana!


LOL, I know how funny it looked that we were holding so many items!!! All those were earned by playing some games at each booth that features each new series! SO FUN! 😛 We received like straw hats, beach towel, fan, sunglasses and also a personalized bag to keep all the stuff! ^^

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Marc Anthony – Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter –

Guessed what I received in a beautiful package!!! ✿✿✿✿✿


Trusted by Stars, Loved by Millions, Marc Anthony True Professional® Debuts in Singapore.

Whether curly or straight, red carpet celebrity or everyday business woman, there’s a Marc Anthony solution for you.

Marc Anthony True Professional® are solution-based products tailored to your unique hair care and styling needs.


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Lavender Slimming Oil – Lavender Slimming Oil – Massage and Fat Burning

Other than my previous “3-Day Detox” from EXPRESSIONS, I received the Lavender Slimming Oil – Massage and Fat Burning to help tone my flabby skin as well as to relieve fatigue and stress!!! ❤


The special formulation has a great properties that are able to Detoxify, anti-cellulite, lipolysis and contour the body.

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maNara Hot Cleansing Gel

This time round, I want to introduce to you this really amazing product, maNara Hot Cleansing Gel! It is the #1 selling cleansing gel in Japan! 😀 Thank you Akiko and Cheryl for meeting up with me to share more about maNara and Beauty Pati!!!


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TheFaceShop Blanclouding White Moisture Cream

THROWBACK TO 2015 THEFACESHOP RELEASE: Blanclouding White Moisture Cream


Like water droplets gathered to create a white cloud, Blanclouding White Moisture Cream replenish skin with moisture while clouding effect makes skin fairer the more you apply!

How does the Clouding Effect work?
Just as clouds are formed with dense watery vapour, our products are designed to enrich the skin with moisturising agents for a brighter, healthier complexion.

  • White moisturising serum for an enhanced Clouding Effect. The dense moisturising particles melt into the skin for maximum Clouding Effect, helping achieve bright and moist skin.
  • Gelatinous moisturising serum. Made through Cloud Processing, the white gelatinous texture promotes absorption, helping you achieve a bright complexion.
  • Contains Swiss Cloud Flower known for its tenacious nature and Spanish moss with excellent moisture-retaining properties.

Check out this video featuring the super gorgeous SUZY~ ❤


The texture is like the mixture of gel and pudding cream! I love pudding cream texture as it pumps up by itself in the bottle~ perhaps this is how it makes my skin more plumped up with moisture!


Top left picture: Before applying
Right picture: After applyingbeforeafter

You can see that my skin is definitely fairer, smoother and more plumped up looking immediately!! The texture of the Blanclouding White Moisture Cream is light and penetrates easily into my skin without feeling sticky and oily. My skin  feels moisturized as if it drank lots of water! ^^

THEFACESHOP Blanclouding White Moisture Cream retails for S$35 at all THEFACESHOP Singapore stores and counters.